Solar Heating

All you need to know about Solar Heating

What is Solar Heating?

Solar Water Heating is established to be one of the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective sources of heating water. It is a renewable energy gathered from a free resource, the sun, and aside from the initial installation and maintenance costs there are no other fees or bills and a properly designed solar system can provide up to 70% of your annual hot water requirements.

How does Solar Heating Work?

Solar collectors are the main elements of a Solar Water Heating System and are usually positioned on a south facing roof. They absorb and utilise the heat from the sun to offset the water heating demand. Collectors are connected to a solar cylinder, solar pump station and controllers to co-ordinate the process and deliver heat automatically to the cylinder using a special solar coil.

Benefits of Solar Heating

Solar thermal water heating is one of the most cost effective renewable energy systems. In Ireland Dimplex solar thermal systems can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs. Dimplex offer a wide range of solar hot water products and pre-prepared kits offering great value for money.

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