All you need to know about Smartrads

What is SmartRad?

SmartRad is an intelligent fan convertor, able to use far lower temperature water – & far less of it – than conventional radiator systems. This provides a number of advantages, not least that it makes SmartRad ideal for use with heat pumps.

How does SmartRad Work?

Unlike conventional radiators, SmartRad utilises a compact, high efficiency heat exchanger & intelligently controlled fan to assist convection & delivery of heat to a room.

SmartRad fan convector with integrated electronic thermostat for mounting on the wall. Manual & automatic operation, maximum fan level can be preset; automatic regulation of fan level according to heat requirement. Water connection can be on the left or right. Heating & lowering times as well as frost protection can be individually adjusted using various RX programming cassettes which can be connected to the device.

Benefits of Smartrads

  • Stylish, slim line design
  • Energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators
  • Cost effective, practical alternative to under floor heating
  • Designed for low water temperature operation
  • Ultra-smart thermostat for room temperature stability and rapid response
  • 3-stage fan speed output plus "Eco" mode
  • Optional plug-in 24 hour or 7 day programmers
  • Low noise operation
  • Improved BER classification
  • Available in 4 different sizes, from 500mm to 910mm wide
  • Heating Output from 600W to 1800W at 35oC water flow

SmartRad Models:

Style Output W x H x D (mm)
White metal/black glass/white glass 0.8 - 2.7kw 503 x 530 x 145
White metal/black glass/white glass 1.2 - 3.9kw 670 x 530 x 145
White metal/black glass/white glass 1.4 - 4.5kw 740 x 530 x 145
White metal/black glass/white glass 1.8 - 5.7kw 911 x 530 x 145

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