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Dimplex Heat Pump

Heat Pumps

A heat pump simply moves heat, extracting the dormant heat from the outside air & transferring it into the water of the central heating & hot water system.

Mechanical Heat VEntilation Recovery Systems

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV)

Mechanical heat recovery ventilation system provides a complete balanced ventilation system. It filters the incoming air through a standard media filter or an optional F7 rated pollen filter and also warms the air by passing through the heat exchanger.



SmartRad is an intelligent fan convertor, able to use far lower temperature water – & far less of it – than conventional radiator systems. This provides a number of advantages, not least that it makes SmartRad ideal for use with heat pumps.

Dimplex Solar Heating

Solar Heating

Solar Water Heating is established to be one of the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective sources of heating water. It is a renewable energy gathered from a free resource, the sun, and aside from the initial installation and maintenance costs there are no other fees or bills and a properly designed solar system can provide up to 70% of your annual hot water requirements.

Unipipe Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a form of central heating which consists of continuous pipe loops embedded in the concrete floors. The floors reach a temperature of approx. 24°C.

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